Meet our CEO



From a very young age, Abdulla has always been passionate about music. His passion and constant support from his family led him to create his own band, Allayali Band, in 1996 with three other members.

While Abdulla was the lead singer and keyboardist of his band. In 2003, Allayali Band separated after the members collectively decided to pursue different paths.

In the following year, Abdulla went on to create his own home music studio using basic equipment. Fast forward to five years later; his home studio evolved into Allayali Studio.

In 2012, Allayali Productions was successfully established, specializing in recording, composing, arranging, and mastering music. Abdulla has since worked with several renowned artists within the region including Rashid Al Majed, Ahmed Al Hermi, Mohamed Abdo, Rabeh Saqer, Fahad Al Kubaisi, Salah Al Zadjali, and many others.

The success of Allayali Productions inspired Abdulla and his younger brother Faisal to expand the company in late 2017, which led to the establishment of Allayali Events.

Established in 2009, Allayali Productions has 2 well-equipped music studios in Bahrain

Our mission is to provide clients with the most creative and original music/event services - trendsetter of creativity and talent.

Allayali Productions was founded in early 2004, starting with the creation of our own home music studio. In 2009, Allayali Productions was successfully established and legally registered in 2012. It is our passion and approach towards our projects that set us apart from others. Throughout the last decade, we gained experience and worked with the top artists and music bands in the Arab region such as Rashid Al Majed, Mohamed AlTamimi, Likwid, and many others.

"The beauty about being a producer is you sit there, and you explore ideas which become a passion, which slowly becomes a reality."

Michelle Yeoh

Our Music Journey


January 1, 1996

Formation of Allayali Band with 3 other members: Ahmed Al Qassim, Essam Mal Allah and A.Aziz Janahi. Abdulla was the lead singer and keyboardist.


January 31, 2003

Allayali Band stopped performing together after the members collectively decided to pursue other professional and musical interests.


January 31, 2004

Abdulla created his own home studio using fundamental equipment.


January 31, 2009


His home studio grew and evolved to become Allayali Studio.


January 31, 2012


Allayali Productions was established (CR 95150) specializing in recording, composing, arranging and mastering music.


January 31, 2018


Abdulla, along with his younger brother Faisal, decided to re-brand and expand the company in late 2017 with the formation of Allayali Events.